Diary of a Demon Hunter 1: Death Unwept by Michele Bardsley

By Michele Bardsley

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A demon killed her... killed her in the worst way. It possessed her. Used her like a puppet, made her flay her own skin until she bled to death. Abatu. Thats how Dad got into demon-hunting. He was the only one who followed his wifes lead. The only one who loved her enough to know shed never commit suicide. The Otherworld found him, helped him, and when the time was right, trained me. I wonder what my father would think about me sleeping with Raphael, the man with one foot in Hell. I dont think Dad would like it at all.

As the length of it slid between her lips, pleasure warbled in her belly. She closed her eyes and groaned. The sound vibrated on his cock, made him gasp. She wanted to tease him, bring him to peak without letting him go over. But she was too ravenous. This was a feast too long denied to a starving woman. She sucked his big cock eagerly, quickly... took him all the way down her throat and back again, over and over, until his hands fisted into her hair and he begged her for more. So yeah,oh yeah, she fucked him like crazy with her mouth, laved him with her tongue, squeezed his balls, and the whole time, she got hotter, wetter, hungrier.

I offer a bargain. I will stay for a month. What do you want in exchange? Bartering? You really are a demon. She pursed her lips. Tell me why youre half-demon and how youre related to Damian. Hell no. I will give you the information you want and grant another request, but I get to stay three months. Two months. Thats probably all I can tolerate you, said Maggie. If she let him hang around a while, it would satisfyMeelena and stop her from sending other Guardians. And it would mean finding out more about Damian.

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