Diritto costituzionale by Pisaneschi

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No-man’s land, niemensland, is the space between. It is an eminently social space, a momentary interlude, an event even that promises life amid the horrors of war, hope in the face of mortality, play in place of mutilation and death. No-man’s land seems pretty apt as a depiction of the space between lovers, between poetry and prose, pragmatism and imagination, and that is so even without entering the gender dimensions of his metaphor. And of the tedium one might simply say “as in a dream,” te deum, for you, the God of love.

The petitioner goes on to list his faults. When spoken to, the young man would go into a daydream before answering in so distracted and irrelevant a way as to indicate that his thoughts were entirely elsewhere. When she gave him flowers, he would tear them to pieces and throw them to the ground before they had even left her hands. When music was played he would begin to sigh and tears would come to his eyes. If she tried to talk of love, he would turn the conversation immediately to death or tell some longwinded and pointless story.

Sartorial justice was achieved by allowing experts in fashion to determine whether her clothes were indeed in the latest style, and whether her most recent acquisitions were acceptable. The Judgments of Love was an enormously successful work. It went through 35 editions between 1500 and 1735 and also spawned imitators and commentators. The most famous is probably the work of the jurist Guillaume Coquillart who in his New Laws, and in a dramatic work The Pleading, revived the gay science and devised numerous judicious and humorous determinations on questions and cases of love.

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