Dopaminergic Ergot Derivatives and Motor Function. by Kjell Fuxe and Donald B. Calne (Eds.)

By Kjell Fuxe and Donald B. Calne (Eds.)

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Read or Download Dopaminergic Ergot Derivatives and Motor Function. Proceedings of an International Symposium Held in the Wenner–Gren Center, Stockholm, July 24–25, 1978 PDF

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GABA (or the enzyme responsible for its biosynthesis, glutamic acid decarboxylase) is found in both the striatum and the pallidum. In the striatum it seems to be present in interneuronsl5 and in neurons whose axons project to other regions of the brain. 16 The compact part of the nigra is innervated by neurons in the caudal third of the anterior striatum and the rostral third of the pallidum. The reticular part of the nigra is innervated by somewhat more caudally placed neurons. Substance P. 16,17 More than 50% of these neurons are in the rostral half of the anterior striatum, an area that has few, if any, GABAergic neurons projecting to the sub- Biochemical Anatomy of the Extrapyramidal System 35 sxantia nigra.

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