Elements of Induction Heating: Design Control and by S. Zinn

By S. Zinn

This e-book presents a good evaluate of the variety of functions of induction heating with equipment in which traditional in addition to detailed heating jobs may be designed round the functions of the process.

The publication discusses the speculation of induction heating, tuning of induction heating circuits and cargo matching and summarizes significant gear concerns in designing induction heating platforms. layout strategies are completely coated for warmth treating. The publication features a distinct dialogue on basics of procedure keep watch over for numerous induction heating matters.

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Because this leading component is equal to E/Xc, Xc must be decreased. Therefore, the capacitance must be increased. 40 Elements of Induction Heating: Design, Control, and Applications power factor leads, capacitance must be removed. The power must be off while changes are made in the capacitor bank. When the power factor has been corrected as close to unity as possible, power should be increased until either the voltage or the current reads the maximum permissible. Readings of all meters should then be taken.

Since the heated mass is generally large and response time normally slow in these types of systems, this loadcontrol technique is usually quite sufficient. When line input voltages exceed 3 kV, vacuum contactors can be used in the current primary (Fig. 7), or SCR thyristors can be used to provide stepless and/or on-off control. Several examples of actual applications will serve to show the versatility of line-frequency induction heating techniques. A first example involves a small single-phase induction heater used for expanding bearings during a shrink- Induction Heating Power Supplies 53 Fig.

Induction Heating Power Supplies 59 Fig. 12. ) Fig. 13. One stage of the McLouth steel induction slab heating facility, rated at a total of 210 MW, used to preheat slabs as large as 30 cm by 152 cm by 8 m (12 in. by 60 in. * One, called the field winding, is connected to an external source o f direct current and forms a magnetic field around the rotor. When the rotor rotates, alternating currents are induced in the second, or output, winding. These currents result from changes in the magnetic flux in the slots (where the stator windings are located) as the rotor sweeps past them.

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