Encore des regards sur la langue française by Marcel Cohen

By Marcel Cohen

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He would have emerged with a clear and thorough knowledge of neither demotic nor katharevousa (nor Ancient Greek, for that matter), but would perhaps have been most at home writing in a variety of Greek which contained features of all three. Worst of all, though, the inherent verbosity of katharevousa would probably have seriously affected his thought processes. ' 5 STANDARD MODERN GREEK Since 1976 Modern Greek diglossia has more or less ceased to exist, and there is for most purposes a single, unified Greek language.

An accent is one of the marks written over a vowel, usually (but not always) in order to indicate stress. Emphasis is a semantic concept, referring to the special importance attached to a certain word or words by the speaker/writer. SOUNDS AND ORTHOGRAPHY 17 In the simplified historical orthography adopted in the present book, each initial vowel has one of the two so-called breathings written over it: when a word begins with a sequence of two written vowels which constitute a single vowel sound (or a vowel sound + -/- or -v-), the breathing is placed over the second written vowel.

When one of these vowels is reduced before or after a voiceless consonant, it is devoiced. If a reduced /i/ or /e/ follows a velar consonant, it may disappear, leaving the palatalization of the velar as the only sign of its underlying presence (see Theophanopoulou-Kontou 1972-3). 2. 4): Ρ b f ν [p] [b] [f] [v] voiceless bilabial stop voiced bilabial stop voiceless labio-dental fricative voiced labio-dental fricative π μπ, π 0, (α)υ, (e)v β, (α)υ, (e)y 20 THE M O D E R N GREEK LANGUAGE Brackets round Greek letters in the last column indicate that the letter outside the brackets is pronounced in the manner indicated when it is preceded by the letter within brackets.

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