Energetics of Stable Molecules and Reactive Intermediates by J. A. Martinho Simões (auth.), M. E. Minas da Piedade (eds.)

By J. A. Martinho Simões (auth.), M. E. Minas da Piedade (eds.)

Covers the main experimental and theoretical equipment at the moment used to check the energetics of sturdy molecules and reactive intermediates. studies the ate of the paintings and exhibits the interaction of experimental and theoretical equipment used to probe bonding energetics and reactivity and quite a lot of chemical species.
a latest and valuable advent to the learn of molecular energetics. A reference for employees presently all for the field.

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By using this effective energy equivalent to calculate I1UIBP in the main combustion experiments any error in the calculation of the Washburn corrections is largely eliminated. 37 3. 1 COMPOUNDS CONT AINlNG CARBON, HYDROGEN AND OXYGEN Compounds containing C, H, and 0 can be studied by using a static-bomb calorimeter [1-4]. In general, a pellet of the compound is made and weighed in a platinum crucible. 04 MPa of oxygen. ~UIBP corresponds to an isothermal bomb process that may be represented by the following reaction: y1CaHbOc(cr/l) +Y2H20(l) + (Y30 2 + yJf20)(g)---; (Z\02 + Z2C02 + Z3H20)(g) + (Z402 + Z5C02 + z6H20)(sln) (16) where Yi and Zi are the numbers of moles of the reactants products respectively.

Chem. Soc. 100, 1298. 54. Harel, Y. and Adamson, A W. (1986) J. Phys. Chem. 90, 6693. 28 55. Dias, P. , Simoni, J. A, and Martinho Simoes, J. A (1994)} Organometal. Chem. 482, 111. 56. Turner, D. , and Brundle, C. R. (1970) Molecular Photoelectron Spectroscopy, Wiley-Interscience, London. 57. Green, J. C. (1981)Struct. Bonding 43, 37. 58. Houle, F. A and Beauchamp, J. L. (1979)) Am. Chem. Soc. 101,4067. 59. Mead, R. , and Lineberger, W. C. (1984) In Gas Phase Ion Chemistry (Bowers, M. ), Academic Press, New York; Vol.

Int. Ed. Engl. 12, 534. 72. Smith, G. P. and Patrick, R. (1983) Int. ) Chem. Kinet. 15, 167. OXYGEN BOMB COMBUSTION CALORIMETRY: PRINCIPLES AND APPLICATIONS TO ORGANIC AND ORGANOMETALLIC COMPOUNDS MANUEL E. MINAS DA PIEDADE Centro de Quimica Estrutural Complexo Interdisciplinar Instituto Superior Tecnico 1049-001 Lisboa, Portugal ABSTRACT. An overview of combustion calorimetry is presented in this paper. Examples of applications of this method to the study the bonding energetics and reactivity of organic and organometallic compounds are discussed.

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