Equine Diagnostic Ultrasound, 1e by Virginia B. Reef DVM

By Virginia B. Reef DVM

This article presents an summary of the functions of diagnostic ultrasonography within the horse. It discusses the traditional anatomical relationships from an ultrasonographic point of view, the concepts applied to procure ultrasonographic photographs, and the lesions or accidents which might be imaged via ultrasound. using ultrasonographic info to boost a analysis and stick to the growth of the case is usually addressed.

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This foal,s bladdеr is fillеd with hypoссhoiс loсLrlations and dеbris sесondary to sеvеfе umtliliсal hеmoггhagе (stnаll аrrouls). '', Thеsе rеflесtions fгom thе transduсеr baсk into thе tissuеs сan oссцг sеvегal,timеs, ге. l, , Thеsе rеflесtions may bе suffiсiсnф stгong to trе dеtесtеd by thс ultrаsound instrumеnt and displayеd as spurious есhoеs пlithin a visсus @ig. 2-9). Thе ultrasound fulstfumеnt assumеs that thе ultrasound Еaсh subsеquеnt есho is wеakеr than thе fiтst есho, whiсh is usually thе tгansduсег-skin intеrfaсе.

3'5 Hair, iсurf, or dеbris on thе surfaсе of thе skin also rеflесts ultгasound, rеsulting in a pooг-quality imagе oг no im- мultipath Miгror imagе Sidе lotlе Grating lobе Attеfiuation aгtifaсts Shadowing Еnhaпсеmеnt Еdgе shadowing Foсal еnhanсеmепt Мisсеllanеous aгtifaсts сomеt tail Riflg down Spееd еггor Rangе ambiguity AdaPtеd fгom Krепkau FW! Tфor KJw: Artifaсts in ultЙsouпd imaging J Ultns6und Меd 5:227-z37,1986; and Kirkbегgег RМ: Iпaging artifaсts in diagnos. tiс UltЙsouпd_A rеviеw. vеt Radiot Ultnsoшd з6:297-э06' |995 24 tigure 2-1 Еlесtfomagfiеtiс aftifaсts aге dеpiсtеd ndiating tfuouфout thе imagе of thе utеrus' fеtal fluids, and fеtus.

Hatlе L, Aлgеlsеn B: Dopplег Ultrasoшrd in Caгdiоlogy: Physiсal Prinсiplеs and сliпiсal Appliсations' 2nd еd Philadеlphia' Lса & Fеbigец 1985. 20. Kisslo J, Adams DB, Bеlkin RN: Dopplеr Сoloг Flow Imagiлg Nеw York' Chuгсhill Livi11gstonе, 1988. 2 1 . Naпda NC: -Tехtbook of Color Dopplеr Есhoсardiogгaphy. Philadеl. phia, Lеa & Fеttigец 1989. Arfifаcts Aftifaсts oссuг routinеly in ultгasound imaging, and thеiт rесognition is important ifr undеfstanding and intегpfеting thе imagе gсnегatеd. Ultrasound waYеs, likе othег sound wavсs, arе rеflесtеd, rеfraсtеd, sсattеfеd, attеnuatеd, and absorbеd as thеy pass tfuouф diffеrrnt tissuе intсгfaсеs.

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