Eyewitness climate change by DK Publishing, John Woodward

By DK Publishing, John Woodward

The main relied on nonfiction sequence out there, Eyewitness Books offer an in-depth, complete examine their topics with a different integration of phrases and photographs. An in-depth examine the phenomenon of worldwide warming--what's inflicting it, what it may well bring about, and what we will be able to do to struggle again.

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One of the most vulnerable is Shanghai in China—a city of 18 million people built on land that is just 10–16 ft (3–5 m) above sea level. Currently its sea defenses are just adequate to prevent flooding by storms in the East China Sea, but they may not be able to cope as sea levels rise. 40 The Pudong district of Shanghai storm warning Hurricanes are likely to become more powerful as ocean surface temperatures rise, and they will probably occur over a wider area of the tropics. Outside the tropics, increased evaporation of water from warmer oceans will also lead to more intense storms over nearby land, causing fast-moving flash floods of the type that devastated Boscastle, England in 2004.

Experimental fusion reactors are now being tested at several laboratories around the world, but it will be a very long time before nuclear fusion is used to generate electricity. Nuclei collide and fuse Energy Neutron released 53 Nuclear accideNts In 1986 the Chernobyl reactor near Kiev in Ukraine overheated and blew up. Radioactive dust spread over a large area of the former USSR, and some was even carried around the world by the wind. Many people died of radiation poisoning, including a lot of the workers seen here trying to clear up the contamination.

Gas mixture ignited to generate heat 2. Air and steam mix with gas from coal seam natural gas Burning natural gas instead of coal to generate power releases about 40 percent less carbon doxide for each watt of electricity. It is also much cleaner in other ways, since it does not produce soot or sulfur compounds. So although gas is a fossil fuel, simply switching from coal to gas can dramatically reduce carbon dioxide emissions. However, the unburned gas is mostly methane, which is a far more powerful greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide.

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