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Книга Flash eight - Getting began with Flash Flash eight - Getting all started with FlashКниги English литература Автор: Macromedia, Inc. Год издания: 2005 Формат: pdf Издат.:Macromedia, Inc. Страниц: 152 Размер: 2,5 Язык: Английский0 (голосов: zero) Оценка:Welcome to Macromedia Flash easy eight and Macromedia Flash specialist eight. Flash presents every thing you must create and bring wealthy websites and strong purposes. no matter if you’re designing movement pictures or development data-driven purposes, Flash has the instruments to provide nice effects and convey the simplest consumer event throughout a number of structures and units.

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Editing layers and layer folders You can rename, copy, and delete layers and folders. You can also lock layers and folders to prevent them from being edited. By default, new layers are named by the order in which they are created: Layer 1, Layer 2, and so on. You can rename layers to better reflect their contents. To select a layer or folder, do one of the following: ■ Click the name of a layer or folder in the Timeline. ■ Click any frame in the Timeline of the layer you want to select. ■ Select an object on the Stage that is located in the layer you want to select.

For example, you might type timeline and keyframe or tween in the search text box. This action returns a list of help pages that contain timeline and keyframe and help pages that contain timeline and tween. Exact phrase searches allow you to use quotation marks to return only pages that contain the specific phrase you enter. For example, you might type “motion tween” in the search text box. This action returns a list of help pages that contain the phrase motion tween, but not pages that contain separate instances of motion and tween.

Com/go/books_and_training. com/go/books. Discussing the Flash documentation with LiveDocs In addition to accessing Flash documentation in the Flash Help panel, you can get the same documentation online in the LiveDocs format. To find that equivalent page on the LiveDocs website, you simply click the View Comments on LiveDocs link at the bottom of a help page in the Help panel. com/go/ livedocs_flash. One of the advantages of LiveDocs is the ability to see comments that clarify the documentation, or correct any errata or issues that arise after a software release.

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