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What's forensic technological know-how? Forensic technology makes use of medical wisdom and strategies to assist make sure the reason for a criminal offense or coincidence and establish criminals.You could have noticeable tv exhibits or video clips during which a coroner makes use of foren-sic technological know-how to figure out the reason for dying in a murder. it's also possible to have noticeable hearth investigators learn the scene of a hearth to figure out what began the blaze and even if it truly is arson. Fingerprints could be taken to work out whether or not they fit these of a suspect. All of this is often a part of forensic technological know-how.

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Phenolphthalein solution turns pink in what type of solution? agar, while stirring. 3. When the agar is completely dissolved, add 10 mL potassium ferrocyanide solution and 5 drops of phenolphthalein solution. Stir well to mix. Then pour the agar into three petri dishes. 4. In each dish, place an iron nail. In addition, in the first dish, place an iron nail wrapped in magnesium ribbon; in the second, an iron nail wrapped with copper wire; in the third, a galvanized nail. 5. Observe the petri dishes for the next 3 days.

Label each of the diagrams below as a strong elec- trolyte, a weak electrolyte, or a nonelectrolyte. A AB Copyright © Glencoe/McGraw-Hill, a division of the McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc. AB AB BϪ Aϩ AB BϪ Aϩ BϪ A BϪ Aϩ 2. As more ions are added to a solution, what happens to the conductivity of the solution? 3. Read the entire laboratory activity. Form a hypothesis about how electrical conductivity relates to the strength of electrolytes when comparing solutions of the same concentration. Record your hypothesis on page 18.

Tools of the Trade One way to determine whether certain materials are pure substances or mixtures is by the use of paper chromatography. In this technique, the material is dissolved in a known solvent. A drop of the solution is placed on a piece of filter paper (Figure A). The filter paper is then dipped like a wick into a solvent (Figure B). The solvent moves up the filter paper by capillary action, which is based on the attraction of the solvent for the filter paper. When the solvent reaches the drop on the paper, each component of the material in the drop dissolves and begins to move along the filter paper.

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