Forest (Eye Wonder) by DK Publishing

By DK Publishing

Eye ask yourself wooded area is going deep into the woods to bare the animal and flora -- were you aware that Bristlecone Pines can dwell for greater than 8,000 years? discover evidence like this and extra during this fact-packed consultant to forests.

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25 m) tall, which is about   ,       # the size of an Apollo space rocket. Under the canopy From above, rainforests appear as a vast green canopy, such as in the Amazon. Underneath, plants are growing everywhere. These forests are an amazing, colorful, and noisy home for a wide variety of animals. Jewel of the forest Thick, ropelik e Light on the wings of the blue morpho reflects a stunning blue color. But the wingsÕ underside is brown with eyespots, which makes the butterfly hard to see when it rests.

Some insects, such as the rhinoceros beetle, play a very important part in recycling the nutrients in rotting wood and leaves back into the soil for use by living plants. While humans can carry only about three times their body weight, rhinoceros beetles can carry an amazing 850 times their own weight. They get their name from the horn on their head, which they use for fighting rivals, digging, and climbing. Leaf-cutters Busy leaf-cutter ants cut out pieces of leaves and carry them over their heads to their underground nests.

They are the smallest marsupials. 40 Banded anteater Like anteaters, numbats have a long snout to sniff out antsÕ nests, sharp front claws to dig them out, and a long, sticky tongue for licking up the ants. They shelter inside hollow logs. The evergreen eucalyptus leaves have a tough coating that stops water loss. Little devil Tasmanian devils are so named because they have a loud screech and fierce looks, and now live only in Tasmania. Their favorite food is dead animals. Ó The cuddly looking koala feeds entirely on eucalyptus leaves and gets enough water from them.

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