Gas Chromatography. Principles, Techniques, and Applications by A. B. Littlewood

By A. B. Littlewood

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Is that in which complete mixing occurs in the sample injector cavity, so that the input distribution is of the Poisson type (Fig. 7b). In this also, the measured retention volume is slightly greater than the true retention volume if the time zero is the instant the front of the distribution reaches the column. 8. SAMPLE SIZE 37 no simple formula corresponding to Eq. 46). Porter et al. show that in experiments using specific sample injectors of their design, the behaviour lies between the two extreme cases of plug flow and complete mixing.

7), to give: ΏΤ 2 M2 — vT) ° '"* x M2 2 ' which, after substitution in Eq. -· (3 i3) - If p2° is measured in Torr and T in °K, the units of R are cc (Torr)/(mole °K), and its value is 62,370. Substitution of Eq. 7027 X 107 Μιγρ2° ' (ό · } In the case that the chromatography is linear, the partition coefficient must be constant, and thus the concentration of solute must be sufficiently small that the activity coefficient is constant and equal to the activity coefficient at infinite dilution. In subsequent discussion of activity coefficients, they are assumed to be those at infinite dilution except in specific discussions of activity coefficients at large values of x2.

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