Gas Fluidization by MEL PELL (Eds.)

By MEL PELL (Eds.)

This ebook is a much-needed fluidization instruction manual for training engineers. There are few vegetation which shouldn't have a fluid mattress technique working someplace at the website, but engineers not often have any formal education within the topic. collage classes frequently emphasize educational matters instead of business wishes, and a examine of the literature unearths an overpowering abundance of correlations and experimental data.

As it is a functional publication, the writer has minimized theoretical improvement of basic equations in prefer of giving correlations which were constructed for giant scale apparatus. at times, the place a number of correlations may possibly observe, the writer has selected one or which paintings top in line with his personal adventure. layout strategies are defined which may still help the clothier and the operator of fluid beds to enhance his technique and to prevent a few often-encountered pitfalls. the fabric can also be worthy as a supplementary textual content to a direction on fluidization, the emphasis on advertisement layout being a stimulating counterpoint to a strongly educational viewpoint.

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Gas Fluidization

This booklet is a much-needed fluidization instruction manual for practicing engineers. There are few crops which should not have a fluid mattress technique working someplace at the web site, but engineers hardly have any formal education within the topic. collage classes usually emphasize educational matters instead of business wishes, and a research of the literature finds an overpowering abundance of correlations and experimental info.

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The degree of concern t h a t this raises is a function of the material being fluidized. Velocities under 30 m / s are generally safe while Geldart (2) reports t h a t velocities over 90 m / s generally are not. It would be best to do laboratory studies on the material of interest in any case. 5 power of the gas Chapter 3 Gas Distributor Design 27 Large Opening to Limit Velocity 1 — x 1 ' ■ I / / \ / v. \ \ Grid Plate y Small Opening to Fix Pressure Drop Distributors to Control Attrition Fig. 3-3 redrawn from (2) velocity.

Recent literature is still discussing the importance of plenum orientation (10). 9 1. A. Zenz, Elements of Grid Design, Presented at the G a s Particle Industrial Symposium, Eng. Soc. , Pittsburgh, November, 1981. 2. D. Geldart and J. Baeyens, The Design of Distributors for Gas Fluidized Beds, Powder Technology, 4 2 (1985) 67-78. 3. A. Zenz, Bubble Formation and Grid Design, Proc. E. Conf. Symp. on Fluidization II, Montreal (1968) 36-39. 4. N. J. J. Cheeseman, Trans. I. Chem. 57 (1979) 194. 5. L.

Temperature is uniform throughout the bed so t h a t even product dryness is obtained. There is little chance t h a t sensitive materials will suffer local overheating. The excellent heat transfer coefficient from heating surfaces produces low-cost, minimum surface requirements. Al­ ternately, for heat sensitive materials, the system is suitable for heating with modest temperature differentials. Fluid beds are backmixed with respect to solids. It is therefore feasible to feed wet or sticky materials into the bed and have them mix in with the dry material so t h a t handling problems associated with wet feed can be avoided.

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