Genetics Expert Joanna L. Kelley by Laura Hamilton Waxman

By Laura Hamilton Waxman

Have you solved a difficult puzzle? As childrens, Joanna Kelley and her siblings rejoiced fixing the maths and technology demanding situations their mom and dad invented on the dinner desk. Later, Kelly's love of technology puzzles encouraged her to enquire the development blocks of lifestyles.

Kelley grew to become a geneticist, a scientist who reports DNA. DNA is the set of directions within each dwelling factor a code that shapes visual appeal and behaviour. Kelley got down to larger know the way the code works. She specializes in a variety of animals, from nice apes to tiny bugs. What she learns approximately their DNA can inform scientists much approximately human DNA too. keep on with Kelley's direction from curious child to groundbreaking scientist.

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2003 The Human Genome Project announces a complete map of human DNA. Kelley graduates with a bachelor’s degree in math and biology from Brown University. 2010 1981 Joanna L. Kelley is born. 1999 Kelley begins college classes at Brown University. 2008 Kelley earns a PhD in genome sciences from the University of Washington. She goes on to do research at the University of Chicago. Kelley begins doing research at Stanford University. 2013 Kelley becomes an assistant professor at Washington State University and opens the Kelley Lab.

GenomeWeb names Kelley one of twenty top young investigators in the field of genomics. 2012 Kelley receives the Women in Science Fellowship for her research. org/steminism-a -perspective-from-women-in-stem. 12 Ibid. html. ” GLOSSARY biologist a scientist who studies life DNA the code that determines how an organism looks and functions evolution the way a life-form develops and changes over thousands or millions of years generation a group of living things born around the same time genes sections of DNA that control an organism’s traits 30 genome all the genetic material of a living thing, including its DNA genomics the study of genes and DNA organism a living thing populations members of the same species living in the same location species a particular type of living thing, such as a human traits characteristics that make one organism different from another and that are passed down through genes FURTHER INFORMATION BOOKS Higgins, Nadia.

She is always asking challenging questions. And she uses math and science to seek answers. Who knows where her curiosity will take her next? TECH TALK “We need to have both men and women in all types of STEM [science, technology, engineering, and math] positions, at all levels, including high school science teachers, academic and faculty positions, as well as positions in professions in STEM companies and corporations. ” —Joanna L. Kelley 28 TIMELINE 1996 Scientists announce that they have discovered the complete genome for yeast.

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