Getting Started with iPhone SDK, Android and Others by Steven Hall

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The careful analysis of the restrictions that the mobile device possesses will empower the application developer to create a fully efficient mobile application. The mobile application developers are the ones responsible in the way the mobile device has evolved and developed and majority of the things that they do are software based. This means to say that whatever the mobile industry holds, part of that future is controlled by the application developer. However, being a mobile application developer, it is necessary that you understand how to battle with the limitations of the mobile device so that you can maximize the potentials of the application that you are trying to develop.

When Open Handset Alliance took charge in the management of the Android Mobile software, it aspired to develop open standard software for mobile phones. However, this move of the Open Handset Alliance drew many criticisms. Below are a few of these: a. It was promised by this group that the Android is going to be an open source which means that any further development that can be done on this software does not require the software developer to bring it back to the right proprietary. However, some of the software development kit applications which are relevant to further develop system were not open source.

E. Itsnat is also capable of generating customized uniform resource locators or URLs. The major drawback of Itsnat is the inability of it to be run using any other software platform. Since this software was made using the Java platform, it is delimited at being run using the JVM (Java Virtual Machine) platform. 4 to the least, this software is compatible to work with various browsers such as IE, Safari, Opera, and Firefox. 61 There are tests that are currently being undertaken to allow Itsnat to run in a mobile gadget.

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