Getting the Word Out: A Handbook for Readers by Christopher George Hoyer

By Christopher George Hoyer

Sensible aid, encouragement, education workouts, and non secular knowledge in the event you function readers in worship. Hoyer offers priceless perception into either the why and the how of good analyzing. comprises pronunciation advisor for the lectionary readings.

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G 37 i “ every excellent reading comes not only from the lips— not only from the head— but from the heart as well. Put your heart into it. ” (sirach 34:16) The scripture is critical of timidity in the people of God. The role of reader demands the best efforts of mighty men and women of valor. Passion for the task and passion for the text are essential ingredients in an excellent reading. A reader can only help the hearer to feel what the reader has felt and is feeling. g 41 i “ A sense of intensity is essential in holding the attention of the hearer.

Elizabeth! ”) Others suggest that memorization of the text is the natural by-product of adequate practice—it simply happens. Certainly the less one needs to rely on the printed page, the freer one will be in the proclaiming of the word. That, it seems to me, can only benefit the assembly. Memorizing is a time-consuming proposition and until we have the text down exactly (as one would if asked to repeat g 49 i the Lord’s Prayer), the memorized text is not ready for delivery. Why not try it once with a shorter text?

In the alternative, hands resting at the g 35 i reader’s sides speak of self-confidence. A reader at ease puts the assembly at ease. Clasping one’s hands below the waist suggests uncertainty at best, and when clasped in back, an inappropriately casual approach at worst. While few in the assembly are likely to have the reader’s feet in view, some will. Flat-on-the-floor and side-byside is the best possible stance, providing as it does the best platform from which to project one’s voice and the text’s substance.

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