Glencoe Science: Ecology, Student Edition by Glencoe McGraw-Hill

By Glencoe McGraw-Hill

Discover the pliability to educate technology your approach Ecology, as part of the Glencoe technology 15-Book sequence, presents scholars with actual and finished insurance of Earth’s ecosystems and the interactions between organisms and their habitats. The robust content material assurance integrates a variety of hands-on reports, critical-thinking possibilities, and real-world purposes. The modular strategy enables you to mix'n'match books to satisfy your curricula.

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B. It will decrease. C. It will stay the same. D. No effect; it is not a limiting factor. 32 ◆ E STANDARDIZED TEST PRACTICE (l)Michael P. Gadomski/Photo Researchers, (r)William J. Weber 8. An eastern screech owl might compete with which organism most intensely for resources? A. mouse C. mountain lion B. hawk D. wren 9. Which of the following organisms might compete with the mouse for seeds? A. hawk C. fox B. lion D. sparrow 10. Which of the following is an example of a community? A. all the white-tailed deer in a forest B.

World map. Find your latitude. Latitude shows your distance from the equator and is expressed in degrees, minutes, and seconds. Locate another city with the same latitude as your city but on a different continent. Locate a third city with latitude close to the equator. Using references, compare average annual precipitation and average high and low temperatures for all three cities. Think Critically Hypothesize how latitude affects average temperatures and rainfall. com STEP 2 Discard one piece and fold the three vertical pieces in half from top to bottom.

One such organism is a type of flatworm called a planarian. In this lab, you will find out about the eating habits of planarians. Real-World Question What food items do planarians prefer to eat? Goals ■ Observe the food preference of planarians. ■ Infer what planarians eat in the wild. Materials small bowl planarians (several) lettuce leaf raw liver or meat guppies (several) pond or stream water magnifying lens Safety Precautions Procedure 1. Fill the bowl with stream water. 2. Place a lettuce leaf, piece of raw liver, and several guppies in the bowl.

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