Guidelines for Performing Effective Pre-Startup Safety by CCPS (Center for Chemical Process Safety)

By CCPS (Center for Chemical Process Safety)

This e-book offers information to these with accountability for scheduling and executing a Pre-Startup safeguard overview (PSSR). It outlines a protocol and gear to be used by means of undertaking or turnaround groups, to successfully and successfully agenda and execute a PSSR.Integrates PSSR in the course of the project/turnaround stages, with a verification money on the conventional PSSR stepSupports a "right first time" and "check just once" undertaking philosophy to put off surprisesFeatures how-to checklists, probability evaluation, batch and non-stop techniques, validation, and documentationIncludes a CD with PSSR checklists and PSSR administration method examples.Note: CD-ROM/DVD and different supplementary fabrics should not integrated as a part of e-book dossier.

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Industry groups supporting offshore oil exploration have also recognized the value of procedures to improve process safety. The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) includes the control and use of procedures as a key element of a company's quality management system and environmental management system. These influences affect more companies each year as they seek a global market for their products. H9 "Process Safety Management of Highly Hazardous Chemicals" and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) 40 CFR Part 68 "Risk Management Programs for Chemical Accidental Release Prevention" is already being seen in industry performance.

This term indicates that we will use the performance based aspect of the PSSR regulations, accepted engineering methods, and consensus-based industry guidance to more efficiently and effectively design each trigger event's PSSR activities. The goal is to make the best use of organizational resources based upon the risk attributed to the changed process or trigger event. This guideline offers several examples of qualitative tools to help a PSSR leader and his or her team determine whether a PSSR can be done simply (for straightforward trigger events) or whether it must be handled in a more complex manner.

The term complex merely indicates that the PSSR will require some level of special planning and effort due to its unique risk-based characteristics or novelty to the site. Whenever we use the terms complex PSSR or long-form PSSR, they indicate a more customized and sometimes more time-consuming approach to verifying readiness for startup. We will see this as we examine PSSR team makeup and review planning examples. One tool used for risk ranking is the graphically organized matrix chart as shown below: FIGURE 4-1 An example risk matrix chart 34 GUIDELINES FOR PERFORMING EFFECTIVE PRE-STARTUP SAFETY REVIEWS Some companies use different levels of frequency and severity and others may also look at other dimensions separately like capital expenditure levels.

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