GURPS Transhuman Space: Changing Times by Phil Masters

By Phil Masters

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ATTRIBUTES AND SECONDARY CHARACTERISTICS The new edition uses similar attributes to its predecessor. However, a few calculations have been changed. ST Lifting ability is now based on the square of ST, rather than being directly proportionate. Hence, some templates and characters which were given high ST under the old system, if only to ensure that they could lift themselves off the ground, can now be given lower values. Combined with the changes to attribute costs, this can help make large creatures and cybershells more viable as characters in games with restricted point budgets.

Characters with many types of problem will be seen as freaks, maniacs, or technophobes. Meanwhile, serious Enemies are likely to be deadly, if they use resources effectively. Thus, players should be discouraged from scrabbling for every possible disadvantage. A limit of 25% of starting points, or perhaps 30-50 points total, might be more appropriate. GURPS 4E UPDATE: CHARACTERS Character Points Given the broad range of options for a Transhuman Space campaign, character starting point values vary widely.

B133-134), applies almost all the time. ) Sessile (p. TS134) is replaced by No Legs (Sessile) (p. B145).

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