Handbook of Elementary Physics (Russian Monographsand Texts by Nikolai Ivanovich Koshkin, M. Shirkevich

By Nikolai Ivanovich Koshkin, M. Shirkevich

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5 Equilibrium Densities o! Liquid and VaroLJr. t- -::-/ tyof liquid, g,cm:1 cd vapour, ". g degree . . 267910. 2G221 O. _-- Temperature, 0C 150 aL-oilol Heat of sati on, cal g)! Jle 36 Table 34 25 lOS 117. c Carbon di sulfi de Ethyl alcohol Ethyl ether . Kerosene Liquid helium Table 33 °C I Heat oi vapori sa-. lioll, cal g --------~---- Specific Heat c p of Air at 20 kg/cm 2 Temperature. _----- Substance Ethyl alcohol vapour '"0 p. E- G5 CH. II. HEAT AND MOLECULAR PHYSICS 64 _. J7o::! S:) D. )?

IJ 1 - 120 -1'--1-...... I'-- - , fJOb/) 10000 Fig. 28. Displacement of particles OJ water in propagation of sound waves. Fig. 29. Acceleration of ~articles of water in propavatiOIl of sound waves. r::=:j==r-=T+1=:::J=:=r:::-fI 1011 8Jf- ,,60 I-~'f--:--~-I ~. 3() water \· . ' 1ch'itv of p:trljl,'l· in (If propagation of soulld waves~ 92 CH. Ill. MECHANICAL OSCILLATIONS AND WAVE MOTION 93 TABLES AND GRAPHS Table 60 Sound Intensity and Sound Pressure Corresponding to the Main Frequencies of the Decibel Scale Decibel scale Sound i ntensi ty.

I. The dielectric strength characterises the maximum potential difference which can be applied to a dielectric without destroying its insulating properties. 2. The lellers i II the pare'ltheses denote: (P) - plastic, (C) - ceo ramie, (RP) - rubber plastic. 3. The values of :he dielectric constant are given for temperatures 18 to 20°C. , of ferroelectrics (see Figs. 35. 36). 4. Fo'r resistivity refer to p. 108. Dielectric Constants of Gases at 18°C and Normal Pressure Substance Air . Carbon dioxide Helium .

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