Handbook of Multisensor Data Fusion: Theory and Practice, by Martin Liggins II, David Hall, James Llinas

By Martin Liggins II, David Hall, James Llinas

In case you are or are within the details fusion box you need to have this book.

Expanded from the first variation, this publication retains and complements the chapters within the first publication, but provides many vital new ones, specifically within the pragmatic implementation of data fusion. you need to learn the bankruptcy via Dr. Steinberg on fusion functions. i have used this booklet and its predecessor as reference fabric for my dissertation! this is often very valuable analyzing and it's a awesome large compilation written via the who is who within the fusion neighborhood.

You cannot say you are within the fusion box except you personal this book!!!

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Knowledge-based systems are being developed for contextbased approximate reasoning. Significant improvements would result from the advent of smart, self-calibrating sensors, which can accurately and dynamically assess their own performance. The advent of distributed network-centric environments, in which sensing resources, communications capabilities, and information requests are very dynamic, creates serious challenges for level 4 fusion. It is difficult (or possibly impossible) to optimize resource utilization in such an environment.

The model also made possible the partitioning of functions for organizing surveys of community development practices, research programs, and system development. Surveys based on the original JDL model, for example, exposed the lack of fielded level 2/3 fusion capability and a corresponding paucity of research in the domain leading to a redirection of critical research and development (R&D) resources. The model has been accepted nationally and internationally and is still in widespread use. Evolved versions and extensions of the model are having continuing utility as fusion, resource management and data mining functionality advances, and the implications of modern information services, architectures, and network-enabled environments are being appreciated.

Unfortunately, only primitive cognitive models exist to replicate the human performance of these Multisensor Data Fusion 11 functions. Much research is needed before reliable and large-scale knowledge-based systems can be developed for automated situation assessment and threat assessment. New approaches that offer promise are the use of fuzzy logic and hybrid architectures, which extend the concept of blackboard systems to hierarchical and multi–time scale orientations. Also, recent work by Yen and his associates4 on team-based intelligent agents appears promising.

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