How Do Caterpillars Become Butterflies? (Tell Me Why, Tell by Darice Bailer

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3. Keep your caterpillar away from direct sunlight, where it might get too hot. 4. Clean your caterpillar’s home each day. Do not touch the caterpillar, though. Throw away the old leaves and replace them with fresh ones. Put the new leaves on top of a clean, wet paper towel. You can leave the caterpillar on its original leaf. 5. If your caterpillar looks like it is sleeping, do not bother it! It may be ready to climb to the top of your cage, molt for the last time, and form its chrysalis. Then, about one to two weeks later, you are in for an amazing treat—the metamorphosis of your caterpillar into a butterfly!

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Predators—Animals that hunt other animals for food. proboscis—A thin, hollow tube through which a butterfly drinks. pupa—The third stage in a butterfly’s life, when it changes from a caterpillar to a butterfly inside a chrysalis. spinneret—A tube on a caterpillar’s lower lip that holds the glands that make silk. thorax—The middle section of an insect’s body. 30 a a Find Out More BOOKS Berger, Melvin and Gilda. Butterflies & Caterpillars: Scholastic True or False. New York: Scholastic, 2008. Cussen, Sarah.

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