How Do Hybrid Cars Work? (Science in the Real World) by Richard Hantula

By Richard Hantula

Hybrid autos, which run on replacement power assets like solar, corn, and biofuels, could be the key to utilizing much less oil. This identify discusses how those machines paintings, the technological know-how in the back of the power they make, and what using hybrid automobiles potential for the planet.

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Ethanol—A type of alcohol often used as a fuel. It is usually made from plants or from oil. fuel cell—A device that uses a reaction between two substances to make electricity. Usually one of the substances is hydrogen. full hybrid—A hybrid car in which the electric motor can drive the wheels by itself. generator—A machine that uses a turning action to produce electricity. global warming—A gradual warming of Earth’s climate. Many scientists think that the burning of fuels like gasoline helps cause it.

Smog—A type of air pollution found in some big cities. One cause is the burning of fuel by cars. ” turbine—A machine with a turning action that can make electricity or power vehicle wheels. vehicle—Something that carries people and things around. Cars, buses, and trucks are examples of vehicles. indd 30 8/10/09 4:46:58 PM To Learn More Read these books: Flammang, James M. Cars. : Cherry Lake, 2009. Hammond, Richard. Car Science. New York: Dorling Kindersley, 2008. Povey, Karen D. Energy Alternatives.

Toyota’s experimental FCHV (FuelCell Hybrid Vehicle) has a fuel cell instead of an internal-combustion engine. One problem with fuel cells is that right now hydrogen is not widely available. Another problem is that fuel cells so far tend to cost a lot. S. government supports research on hybrid cars. A 2007 law provided money for work on plug-in hybrids and on better batteries. It even called for a college contest to develop plug-ins. It also encouraged the use of hybrids by the government. This kind of support for hybrid cars may well increase over the coming years.

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