Hyperdream by Hél?ne Cixous

By Hél?ne Cixous

Hyperdream is a massive new novel by means of celebrated French writer H?l?ne Cixous. it's a literary journey de strength, returning anew to problem necessity itself, the main implacable of human certainties: you die in any case – and that’s the top. For you, for me. yet what if? What if dying didn't necessarily spell the tip of existence? Hyperdream invests this fragile, tentative suspension of disbelief with the sheer strength of its poetic audacity, inventing a kind of magic cell: a instant lifeline opposed to the entire odds to the dearly departed. it's a e-book approximately time, age, love and the best loss. A ebook which activates demise: at the query or the instant of dying, looking on it, anticipating it, residing off it, happening without delay earlier than and after, yet whilst turning opposed to it, contesting it, outwriting it confidently, desperately, performatively, as an interruptible interruption. Hyperdream is a e-book of mourning, but additionally of morning, a tragedy-with-comedy and a common relations romance within which it transpires that the narrator is the veritable offspring of a “treasure of literature” within the kind of a mattress, bought via her mom from a undeniable W. Benjamin in 1934, slept on for forty years via her brother and dreamt of by means of her good friend “J.D.”

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