I Wonder Why by Neeraja Raghavan

By Neeraja Raghavan

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You will see the most beautiful colours inside each bubble as it gently bobs along. Why does soap form a lather with water? Why does not a mixture of, say, milk and water lather? You probably know that if oil and water are present together, the oil will float on top of the water, and a thin oil-water boundary will be seen between the two layers. To understand detergent action, you will have to remember this simple fact. First, let us understand what we mean by a soap or a detergent. Anv substance that enhances the cleansing action of water is called a soap or detergent.

Since the sun is the star that lies closest to the earth, we can see it as a ball-shaped object. All the other stars in our galaxy, the Milky Way, are so far away that they appear to us as pinpoints of light, if they can be seen at all by us. Do you know that there are more than 200 billion billion stars? ) Stars are of different sizes, colours and brightness. Some are so huge that they would more than fill the space between the earth and the sun. Such stars have a diameter that is about one thousand times as large as the sun's.

In order to feel any sensation, whether pain or pleasure, we must have cells that are alive and connected to nerves. Our fingernails and hair are made up of dead cells and do not possess 55 any nerve fibres at all, so it is not surprising that they do not cause us pain or pleasure. Nerves carry the sensation of pain to the brain, and the brain acts somewhat like a complicated computer. The nervous system is made up of billions of cells called neurons or nerve cells. Tied together in cord-like bundles, these nerve fibres (or nerves) act like a bundle of wires that c a n y information very rapidly throughout the body.

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