IL-12 Receptor by Esche C., Shurin M.R., Lotze M.T.

By Esche C., Shurin M.R., Lotze M.T.

The sensible high-affinity IL-12 receptor consists of at the very least ♀-type receptor subunits, each one independently showing a low affinity for IL-12. either subunits are individuals of the cytokine receptor superfamily. IL-12 p40 interacts basically with IL-12 R♀1, whereas IL-12 p35 interacts basically with the signal-transducing ♀2 subunit. IL-12 signaling comprises activation of the receptor-associated tyrosine kinases JAK2 and TYK2 and downstream tyrosine phosphorylation of the transcription elements STAT3 and STAT4 (the imperative sign transducer of IL-12). The IL-12R is expressed totally on activated T andNK cells. Expression of the ♀2 subunit determines TH1 improvement because the ♀2 part is selectively downregulated on TH2 cells. Inhibiting IL-12 responsiveness represents an experimental remedy for TH1-driven inflammatory and autoimmune ailments.

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