Improve Your Written English: Master the Essentials of by Marion Field

By Marion Field

Written in brief, obtainable sections, this publication explains the fundamentals of writing sturdy English. It comprises punctuation, sentence building and spelling. you'll the way to undertake diverse initiatives, reminiscent of writing a record, essay or brief tale. There also are chapters on letter writing, filling in types and developing activity functions.

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T7W GfR (YOS IV 91, gir Gir-suKI qir ? -gir-a-bi (MDP XIV 6 rev. 0 TAR tar dar Su-mu-tar (D' R) Ti-ri-tar 12. A KA ka Contrary to Ungnad, MAS p. 9, and von Soden, AS p. 32, Only in Ka-zal-luKI A-da-ka-al-su-[umr? ), original texts have GaKI za-luK (MO). The only possibility in late Sargonic is Ka-za-bum (P~ VIII 158 AO 5657; Fish, CST p. 182 No. 8) compared with the GN Kazabu of later date PUx pux bux KA-su-su compared with Pu-su-su (both MAD I) KA-zi-a compared with Pu- zi-a (B §x) Cf. also bel Cf.

Dentals: DA = da, ta, ta (TA Di- - de, te4, *te TE = *de4, te, *$e 4 (DE TI = di, ti, ti DU = du, tu, t i-na-da-an, ad-da, Da-pum /Tabun/ only in Ta-ta, MAD I) A-ga-d--um (and A-ga-ti-um, both in HSS X), is-de ip-te-u (and Ip-ti-um), te-ir-ri-is only in I-de-de, HSS X 205) a-ti /adf/, Ip-ti-um, Ip-ti-ru-um is-du-tu, Du-gul-tum (and Tu-gul-tim), li-ip-du-ur. DU8 . KI A) c. edu GI = *gi, KI = gi, ki4, qi4 ki, qi -30wa-ar-gi 4 -um (and wa-ar-ki-um), u-sa-amgi 4 -it (copy), mi-gi4-tim (copy) Ma-an-ki-im-lu-us (GML, doubtful), wa-arki-um (and wa-ar-gi -um), is-ki-nu- (and is-gi-ni), KU = gu5, ku, qu GU = gu, kus, qu i-ki-is ru-ku-ma-um, is-ku-nu (and is-gu-un), i-li-ku (and i-la-gu), -dam-ku, Ku-ti-im (RTC 118, and Gu-ti-um, passim) -Gu-la, is-gu-un (and is-ku-nu), i-la-gu (and i-li-ku), Gu-ti-um (and Ku-ti-im), li-il-gu-da (GV only in Gu-da-mi- umK, HSS X 14, GU.

Also Kraus in Scritti in onore di Giuseppe Furlani I (1957) 103-8. edu -'3etc. /Tiram-ill/. Written /Ilsu-qurad/, Ur III, and Tur-am-1-l1, double consonants (consoindicate not do double consonants which nantal quantity), but a hiatus, pause (open juncture) are shown in the following examples: Ku-ru-ub-bi-la-ag beside Ku-ru-umb-i-la-ag beside Sar-ru-um-i-l /Kurub-Ilag/, Sar-ru-um-mi-1-l1 -ai/, I I-sar-ra-bi beside I-sar-a-bi Nu /Sarrum-ill/, i-DIIR beside Nu-h-DINGIR /N-ilum/, A-bu-um-mi-LUGAL beside A-pum-i-sar /Abumisar/, Ma-at-ti-1-l beside Ma-at--li- /Mat-ill/, En-nu-um-mi-l3 beside En-num-i-li /Ennum-ill/, etc.

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