In the Ocean (Under the Microscope) by Sabrina Crewe

By Sabrina Crewe

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Octopus 2. starfish 3. fish 4. squid 5.

Micro-Detective . Marine Shapes If you look back at all the microorganisms you have learned about, you will see many amazing forms. Diatoms, dinoflagellates, radiolarians, foraminifera, larvae, and shelled gastropods come in all kinds of wonderful shapes. These radiolarians were drawn by scientists on an ocean expedition more than one hundred years ago as a record of what they found. You can find many more pictures of microorganisms in the library and on the Internet. Find as many marine microorganism shapes as you can, draw them, and cut them out.

Html Find beautiful photos and fun information about marine microorganisms and other kinds of microscopic life. Answers to quiz on pages 26–27 1. octopus 2. starfish 3. fish 4. squid 5.

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