Introduction to Australian Insects (Revised Edition) by Phillip W. Hadlington & Judith A. Johnston

By Phillip W. Hadlington & Judith A. Johnston

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They hide during the day and come out to feed at night. They are long-lived (up to four years) and continue to shed their skin at intervals after becoming adults. Reproduction is generally sexual. The male deposits a sperm capsule (spermatophore) and the female picks it up and transfers it to her genitalia. ] page_21 < previous page page_21 next page > Page 21 Order Ephemeroptera Mayflies A mayfly adult is a delicate insect which lives for only a few hours or a few days. Atalophlebia sp. - Leptophlebiidae Ephemeroptera - 30 mm/dark brown, amber Delicate, soft-bodied, length 20 to 40 mm; membranous wings, forewings triangular and held vertically at rest, hindwings reduced; antennae very short; mouthparts not developed and non-functional; triangular head, compound eyes divided into two lobes each; two or three long tails.

The internal reproductive organs are very varied but may be generalised as shown in the following illustration. ] page_15 The male has a pair of testes located inside the abdomen. Sperm cells are produced in the testes, pass down the tubular vas deferentia into the sperm sacs (vesiculae seminales) or single sperm sac where they are stored. Secretions from the accessory glands are mixed with the sperm cells before they pass down the ejaculatory duct and leave via the male genitalia. The sperms are often enclosed in a capsule called a spermatophore.

The workers feed the soldiers, young nymphs and reproductives with partly digested food and as they do this the gut micro-organisms are passed on from the gut of the workers. This close association between workers and other castes, together with their habit of grooming one another is exploited when nests are eradicated by arsenic dust treatment. Fine arsenious trioxide powder is carefully blown into the workings of the termites where the workers will contact it. It is then taken back to the nest and eaten by other individuals.

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