Jan Mayen Island in Scientific Focus by Stig Skreslet (auth.), Stig Skreslet (eds.)

By Stig Skreslet (auth.), Stig Skreslet (eds.)

Jan Mayen is a volcanic island surrounded by way of the deep Greenland, Iceland and Norwegian Seas. There, atmospheric and oceanic techniques unharness power strength that forces very dynamic interactions among sea and air. This exact geophysical point of interest generates climatic variability in northern Europe, and helps marine organic creation that sustains the yield of huge dwelling assets. The marine populations are in actual fact fluctuating with adaptations in weather, and increases questions about results of artificial weather swap. because the final Ice Age the sinking of Greenland Sea Deep-Water has been a considerable motive force for the worldwide Thermo-Haline circulate which feeds hot Atlantic water into the Nordic Seas. international warming may possibly have interaction with the deep-water formation and strength suggestions mechanisms that specific themselves past mind's eye. The publication addresses such difficulties to elevate an curiosity for doing examine at the island and in its waters. The potentials for doing that raises while the island's Loran-C station closes down in 2005. The e-book recommends how the foreign clinical group could achieve entry to this rather not easy enviornment for neighborhood, nearby and international learn. it's a blueprint for the logistics required for technological know-how to achieve a truly distant and bodily difficult position on Earth.

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Jan Mayen Island in Scientific Focus, 37-40 © 2004 Kluwer Academic Publishers. 0ystein Hov 38 twice/day and weather observations every three hours. The measurements are distributed globally via the WMO network. 2. ), climate change, coupling atmosphere-ocean-cryosphere, high impact weather, ocean circulation, polar stratospheric ozone, biogeochemical cycles, sudden chemical events, and the global distribution ("distillation") of toxic species. The Jan Mayen radio soundings are considered to be crucial for the quality of numerical weather prediction in the North Atlantic region.

Submarine contours based on Topograjisk kart over Jan Mayen, 1:50,000 (Norsk Polarinstitutt, Oslo, 1959). Geology ofJan Mayen and Surroundings 4. 19 STRUCTURAL FEATURES The majority of linear features such as volcanic fissures, basaltic dykes and fault-controlled cliffs on Nord-Jan strike NE-SW (Figs 2, 3) sub-parallel with the Mid-Atlantic Ridge (Ko1beinsey Ridge - Fig. 1). Another system of large-scale fractures, which parallel the submarine Jan Mayen Fracture Zone, is recognizable at a junction between Nord- and S0r-Jan (Fig.

L. The highest precipitation is in north-west and three of the glaciers facing this direction extend to sea level and calve in the sea. The equilibrium line altitude is also lower in the 27 S. ), Jan Mayen Island in Scientific Focus, 27-36 © 2004 Kluwer Academic Publishers. l. l. in the southward glaciers (Orheim 1976, Anda 1980). There are very few measurements of snow accumulation, but a study on Sorbreen indicated that the winter snow accumulation there varies usually between 1-2 m water equivalents (3-6m of snow).

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