L'Homme devant la mort by Philippe Ariès

By Philippe Ariès

Paru en 1977, le livre a connu immédiatement un succès très very important : résultat de quinze ans de travaux sur plus d'un millénaire d'histoire occidentale, cette somme a animé et dominé un vaste mouvement de recherches et de guides sur les attitudes en face de los angeles mort.

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We can always imagine something worse and we can always imagine something better, as well. But neither changes the intrinsic goodness or badness of what is. The fact that we can imagine something worse doesn’t make what is, intrinsically better than it is, just as the fact that we can imagine something better doesn’t make what is, intrinsically worse than it is. Something can be terrible even though there are worse things. ” “I question the purpose, after the fact, of speculating on ‘the most realistic alternative’ to her death.

I want to go on with my life and be happy and feel like a good person, but I’m so upset, so distraught. I can’t forget the past, I don’t even want to forget it, but I feel that no matter what I do, I’ll never be happy, that it’s too late for that, that the past will always ‘cast a pall over my future,’ that what I’ve lost and know another to have lost will always trouble me. I’m not even sure that I wish to recover. “The way I’ve been feeling reminds me of some things I’ve read about John Lennon.

Jeff sighed and turned toward Connie. “When you heard of your dad’s death you had to travel, all alone, halfway around the world. ” “It was miserable,” Connie confirmed. ” Jeff exclaimed, but then continued with a restrained, however somber, tone. “One of the many things upon which I have focused my grief is an afghan she hadn’t finished. She knitted beautiful afghans you know. That particular unfinished project haunts me. Actually, another person finished the afghan, in a cursory manner. Mom had made so many afghans that another wasn’t needed.

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