Leibniz: Representation, Continuity and the Spatiotemporal by D.A. Anapolitanos

By D.A. Anapolitanos

Anapolitanos seriously examines and evaluates 3 simple features of the Leibnizian metaphysical approach: Leibniz's model of illustration; the primary of continuity; and area, time, and the phenomenally spatio-temporal.
bankruptcy I discusses illustration, in particular because it refers back to the connection among the genuine and the outstanding degrees of Leibniz's approach. bankruptcy II examines the primary of continuity, together with continuity as a normal characteristic of each point of Leibniz's metaphysics. the placement followed is that the matter of the composition of the continuum performed a critical function at the improvement of Leibniz's non-spatial and non-temporal monadic metaphysics. The equipment constructed is then used to provide a brand new interpretation of Leibniz' metaphysics of house and time. The inspiration of oblique illustration is used to build applicable types that make clear the character of the correspondence among the true and the exceptional degrees relating to the relatives `spatially among' and `temporally between', in addition to within the situations of spatial and temporal density. eventually, Leibniz's way to the matter of the continuum is mentioned, arguing that it's not totally passable. A non-anachronistic substitute is proposed, appropriate with Leibniz's metaphysics of substance.

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Perceptions are accompanied by the power to reflect, which turns into actual reflection when there are the means for it. But when a man is reduced to a state where it is as though he were in a lethargy, and where he has almost no feeling, he does lose reflection and awareness ... Nevertheless his faculties and dispositions, both innate and acquired and even the impressions he receives in this state of confusion, still continue; they are not obliterated though they are forgotten. Some day, their tum will come to contribute to some noticeable result ; for nothing in nature is useless , all confusion must be resolved , and even the animals which have sunk into a condition of stupidity, must return at last to perceptions of a higher degree .

Going back to our artificial example of the two representors A and B representing each other in a way that involves an infinite regress of indirect representations, we can use Leibniz 's suggestion in order to break down such a regress. There are two basic constituents of the Leibnizian solution which deserve our attention. (a) Each representor has a representation of the other which in fact involves an infinite regress of indirect representations. But such a regress is not alarming because (b) each one of the representors represents distinctly only finitely many terms of such a regress, all the other terms being represented, but in a confused or even unconscious way.

But here is the way to escape from it. of many things all at once, but pay heed only to the thoughts that stand out most distinctly. That is inevitable; for if we were to take note of everything, we should have to direct our attention on an infinity of things at the same time ... ) Going back to our artificial example of the two representors A and B representing each other in a way that involves an infinite regress of indirect representations, we can use Leibniz 's suggestion in order to break down such a regress.

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