Les forces imaginantes du droit : Tome 2, Le pluralisme by Mireille Delmas-Marty

By Mireille Delmas-Marty

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There was actually a Muslim army led by the vizier of Egypt, Al af-Dal, and the battle was fought just north of Ascalon. The descriptions of the booty coincide with those of the chronicles but after this there is no more relationship between them and the text. The following events in the text, although not mentioned in the chronicles, do have verisimilitude. Cornumaran and the sultan have besieged the Crusaders inside Jerusalem and the King of the Tafurs, with Peter the Hermit, goes out to do battle with them.

Les Enfances Godefroi begins with the marriage of Ida to Eustace II of Boulogne, a historical fact (17: 4). They have three sons, Eustace III, Godfrey, and Baldwin (18: 710). Godfrey was born about the year 1061 and Eustace a year earlier. The first half of this branch actually has very little material which deals exclusively with Godfrey. The action centers on the parents and the exploits of the eldest son, Eustace, who is sent at the age of twelve to the court of the king of England. If it is true that Eustace were only twelve, he would have been at the English court about the year 1072.

A voice from God speaks to the Bishop of Latran (100: 22) urging him to carry the cross into battle. We are given the formation of the Muslim squadrons (101: 23102: 20) described as people who live underground, eat only cumin and pepper, have teeth like razors, run like goats, are hairy and horned, wear no clothes, have long beaks, dogs' heads and lions' claws. In this battle, throughout which the emir plays chess (104: 11), Bohemond and Baldwin, who were actually in Antioch and Edessa, kill Corbadas and Cornumaran (105: 21, 106: 5).

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