Linguistics,archaeology and the human past. Volume 4. by Toshiki OSADA (長田俊樹), Akinori UESUGI (上杉彰紀)

By Toshiki OSADA (長田俊樹), Akinori UESUGI (上杉彰紀)

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1:1) - 44 - 5cm Research report on archaeological sites around the lakes of the Dubi Mirwah Desert Description: Some one km east of the Jamal Shah Description: The site is located on the eastern shores Lake, this spot is located on a flat top of a sand dune of the Jamal Shah Lake at approximately 200 m in sloping towards south. On the surface, very low distance. At this site, traces of micro flaking activity concentration of pottery, stone tools and flakes was were observed in a sparse manner. The collected observed.

The various kinds of fossils have been of a given tribe. Moving towards the north direction, observed embedded in the stone blocks. The chert this site continues even to the location of 27º08'84"N flaking area was observed, but does not constitute as a and 68º43'36"E. Moving around to find out the workshop because of the less density of flaking debris. possible limits of this surface scatter, a little further, It is possible that only needed tools were prepared for on the other side of the dune towards west, cultural a hunting purpose.

Concentration of micro flakes, potsherds being scanty (Figure 84). The cultural materials occupy the Vakar South-East southern slopes of the sand dune, consisting of micro Location: 27º07'26" North, 68º42'24" East stone tools, perhaps associated with the Mesolithic Description: This spot lies on a flat top of a sand dune period (Figure 85), and potsherds including plain sloping towards south. There was a less concentration and painted. Some artefacts were collected and of cultural materials. The soil of the given spot was catalogued.

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