Low Cost Wastewater Treatment Technologies by R.K. Trivedy & Siddharth Kaul

By R.K. Trivedy & Siddharth Kaul

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The alignment of aerators should be uniform and eqUidistant placement must be assured. The submergence of aerators in the lagoon contents should be uniform and within 10 cm to 15 cm for achieving desired mixing levels and turbulence. The mlet pipe of lagoon must be submerged to avoid odours and short-circuiting while the outlet can be in the form of a weir , 40 Low Cost Wastewater Treatment lechnologies over which the treated effiuent can pass over. To avoid splashing action, the weIr should be placed within a stilling chamber.

3 mm. It will also be desirable to coat them with an epoxy or other suitable anti-corrosive paint or lining. Inlet and Outlet: The inlet to the ditch can be by a gravity pipe discharging freely above the ditch water level or by the rising main dipped into the ditch. The inlet should preferably be just upstream of a rotor. For smaller installations, the mlet chamber should be of adequate size preferably in two compartments, one for raw wastewater and the other for return sludge. Both these 46 Low Cost Wastewater Treatment lechnoiogies compartments will be provided with suitable measuring weirs and baffies.

MISS can be controlled by adjusting return sludge based on sludge volume index. SVI can be determined experimentally. Operational Problems Sludge Bulking This is indicative of poor settling of sludge. This results in poor quality of effiuent and rapid loss ofMLSS from the aeration tank. It is due to insufficient air supply, low pH or septicity and due to growth of filamentous organisms. This phenomenon can be controlled by eliminating the causes and chlorinating the return sludge. Sludge Rising This happens due to formation of nitrogen gas bubbles which lifts the sludge on the top layers.

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