Making Nothing Happen : Five Poets Explore Faith and by D'Costa, Gavin; Nesbitt, Eleanor; Slee, Nicola; Shelton,

By D'Costa, Gavin; Nesbitt, Eleanor; Slee, Nicola; Shelton, Ruth; Pryce, Mark

It is a dialog among 5 poet-theologians greatly in the Christian culture who jointly shape The Diviners. each one poet deals a mirrored image on how they comprehend the relation among poetry and religion, rooting their reflections of their personal writing, and illustrating dialogue with a variety in their personal poems and starting up concerns for deeper exploration and mirrored image. This e-book will curiosity poets, Read more...


Making not anything occur is a talk among 5 poet-theologians who're widely in the Christian culture - Nicola Slee, Ruth Shelton, Mark Pryce, Eleanor Nesbitt and Gavin D'Costa. Read more...

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Making Nothing Happen Five Poets Explore Faith and Spirituality GAVIN D’COSTA University of Bristol, UK ELEANOR NESBITT University of Warwick, UK MARK PRYCE Diocese of Birmingham, UK RUTH SHELTON Nottingham, UK NICOLA SLEE Queen’s Foundation, Birmingham, UK ASHGATE � Gavin D’Costa, Eleanor Nesbitt, Mark Pryce, Ruth Shelton and Nicola Slee 2014 All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise without the prior permission of the publisher.

4 In company with other women who were part of this early feminist theological and liturgical movement, I found myself writing in a variety of modes as an expression of feminist theological exploration. My first published article (Slee, 1984) was a re-reading of the parables of Jesus from the perspective of women’s experience, and this seems significant because the parables themselves might be seen as a prime scriptural form which combines the poetic and the conceptual, provocative metaphors (whether brief, riddle-like koans or more developed, narrative forms) that engage imagination, brain, heart and will.

The struggle for the woman writer, the woman thinker, is how to inhabit patriarchal discourse without doing fundamental violence to her sense of self, without reinforcing her very absence and silence or positioning herself as stereotypically ‘feminine’ – passive, receptive, occupying the affective domain, maternal and caring (roles which, of course, religion has legitimised and theologised over centuries). In order to speak or think at all, the woman writer has to find a new language, make new maps, revise and reverse the patriarchal myths – and Kristeva in particular considers poetry, with its roots in ritual, to have a peculiar potency to subvert and recreate the symbolic order.

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