Mammalian Anatomy: The Cat by Aurora M. Sebastiani, Dale W. Fishbeck

By Aurora M. Sebastiani, Dale W. Fishbeck

This full-color dissection consultant is meant for college kids taking Mammalian Anatomy, Comparative Anatomy, basic Biology, or Anatomy & body structure classes and comprises one hundred seventy five pictures plus many full-color illustrations. the combo of an excellent anatomy textual content, transparent discussions of dissection recommendations, and well-executed images and illustrations makes this a definitive publication in biology curricula. 3-hole drilled.

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They tend to be more prominent in females than in males, especially if the female is either pregnant or has been recently pregnant. Dorsal to the genital region in both sexes and located directly below the tail is the anus, the external terminal opening of the digestive system. There are two sets of paired appendages, forelimbs, including the manus associated with the cranial portion of the trunk and hindlimbs, including the pes associated with the caudal end of the trunk [Figure 2–3]. Palpate the genital area to ascertain the sex of the cat.

Almost all mammals—including cats, humans, and giraffes—possess seven cervical vertebrae. Although specializations exist in all regions of the vertebral column, certain features are common to all. A vertebra is constructed with a solid centrum or body that forms the main ventral support for the spinal cord that rests in the obvious opening, the vertebral canal. The vertebral canal is completed by a dorsal pair of laminae whose dorsocaudal extensions form the spinous process and a pair of pedicles between the laterally projecting transverse processes or diapophyses and the centrum.

Superficial Portion Flat, thin band, approximately the same width as the pectoantebrachialis and partially hidden by that muscle [Figure 2–8A]. Origin: Midventral raphe and cranial half of the manubrium Insertion: Middle third of the shaft of the humerus Xiphihumeralis Pectoralis minor Pectoantebrachialis Pectoralis major Clavotrapezius Latissimus dorsi Clavobrachialis FIGURE 2–7 Superficial chest muscles. 43 44 M A M M A L I A N A N A T O M Y : T H E C A T Pectoralis major (superficial portion— cut and reflected) Pectoralis major (deep portion) Pectoantebrachialis (cut and reflected) Pectoralis major (superficial portion) Pectoralis minor Xiphihumeralis A Superficial portion B Deep portion FIGURE 2–8 Pectoralis major.

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