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Introduction to the Physics of Waves

Balancing concise mathematical research with the real-world examples and sensible purposes that encourage scholars, this textbook offers a transparent and approachable creation to the physics of waves. the writer exhibits via a wide strategy how wave phenomena may be saw in a number of actual events and explains how their features are associated with particular actual ideas, from Maxwell's equations to Newton's legislation of movement.

Philosophy, Mathematics and Modern Physics: A Dialogue

Lately a brand new discussion has began among the typical sciences and the arts. this can be really precise of physics and philosophy, whose sphere of mutual curiosity multiplied considerably with the appearance of quantum mechanics. between different issues, the dialogue covers the evolution of theories, the position of arithmetic within the actual sciences, the conception and cognition of nature and definitions of area and time.

Molecular Physics and Hypersonic Flows

Molecular Physics and Hypersonic Flows bridges the space among the fluid dynamics and molecular physics groups, emphasizing the position performed by way of ordinary methods in hypersonic flows. specifically, the paintings is essentially devoted to filling the space among microscopic and macroscopic remedies of the resource phrases to be inserted within the fluid dynamics codes.

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Keyboard Shortcuts and Accelerators Selecting Multiple Items . . . Using the Clipboard . . . . Accessing The MathWorks on the Web . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2-17 . 2-17 . 2-17 . 2-18 . 2-19 . 2-20 . 2-20 . . . . . . . Setting Preferences . . . . . . . . . 2-21 General Preferences for MATLAB . . . . . . 2-23 2 Using the Desktop When you start MATLAB, the MATLAB desktop appears, containing tools (graphical user interfaces) for managing files, variables, and applications associated with MATLAB.

2-4 Desktop Tools Launch Pad MATLAB’s Launch Pad provides easy access to tools, demos, and documentation for all of your MathWorks products. To open it, select Launch Pad from the View menu in the MATLAB desktop. All the products installed on your system are listed. Sample of listings in Launch Pad – you’ll see listings for all products installed on your system. Help – double-click to go directly to documentation for the product. Demos – double-click to display the demo launcher for the product.

Display To show tooltips when you hold the cursor over a toolbar button, check the Show tooltips check box. Toolbox caching See “Reducing Startup Time with Toolbox Path Caching” on page 1-10. Figure window printing Specify how colored lines and text are sent to the printer. See the Printing documentation for more information. Font & Colors Desktop font. Desktop font preferences specify the characteristics of the font used in tools under the control of the MATLAB desktop.

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