Mechanisms of Gastrointestinal Motility and Secretion by Jeremy R. Jass (auth.), Alan Bennett, Giampaolo Velo (eds.)

By Jeremy R. Jass (auth.), Alan Bennett, Giampaolo Velo (eds.)

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Sym. E. , Mitchell, Vancouver. , 1977, Relaxations mediated by adrenergic and nonadrenergic nerves in human isolated taenia coli, J. Pharm. , 29: 533. , 1980, Does antral motility stimulate gastrin release? An in vitro study, in: "Gastrointestinal motility", J. , Raven Press, New York. , 1917, Physiologische und pharmakologische Versuche uber die Dunndarmperistaltik, Naunyn-Schmiedeberg's Arch. EXp. Pathol. , 81: 55. , 1981, Hyoscine-resistant peristalsis in guinea-pig ileum, 32 Eur. J. , 71: 375.

In addition, quantification of this system is not with normal nutrient but with artificial contrast media of high specific gravity. However, the addition of image intensifiers associated with cineflurography has advanced our knowledge of integrated wave forms and luminal flow. Large balloons filled with air or water have essentially been abandoned. Such units cover large areas within the intestine and integrate several areas of activity. The resulting output is a markedly dampened Signal. Data are further confounded by the elastic properties of the balloon, obstructive nature and possible stimulation of the gut.

Houghton & Bennett (1977) found in studies using labelled noradrenaline that in human isolated colon an adrenergic-mediated response may be masked by the effects of the NANC nerves, since substantial amounts of label may be released at the frequencies which caused muscle relaxations apparently by NANC activation. Bennett & Stockley (1975) also detected a fast after-contraction following inhibitory nerve stimulation in human gastrointestinal muscle strips. These contractions were due mainly to cholinergic nerve stimulation, and partly to a hyosine-resistant pathway.

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