Meeting God in Virtual Reality: Using Spiritual Practices by Teresa Blythe

By Teresa Blythe

E-book by means of Blythe, Teresa, Wolpert, Daniel

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Appendix--Is It Wise to Seek God in Virtual Reality? The Risk of “Cultural Contamination” For many people, just seeing the title of this book will be enough to raise both their anxiety level and blood pressure. The idea that God can be seen and sought in the movies, popular music, or television will strike them as “New Age,” evil, or, at the very least, severely misguided. It will raise fears that the gospel will be compromised, that the church will be replaced by the culture of the world, and that the experience of God will be missed altogether.

Pay careful attention to the chapter on imageless prayer. Get away from the world of produced images from time to time and be in silence, perhaps solitude, with God. Use your experiences with visual images in prayer to help you discern what your media diet needs to be. Allow God to teach you what is the healthy and appropriate amount of time for you to spend in front of a screen. Our lives have to be about much more than watching other people's stories. Appendix--Is It Wise to Seek God in Virtual Reality?

The Osbourne kids are dressed in fashionable, street-style, casual clothes, while the Osmonds are in brightly colored, out-of-date costumes. ” • Who is telling this story? • Who is the author? 3 Since the piece is a commercial, Pepsi-Cola is the ultimate storyteller. 4 BBDO is famous for creating memorable Super Bowl advertisements. In 2002, it dominated Super Bowl commercial airtime with the Britney Spears “Now and Then” series of ads featuring the pop star performing in a variety of eras. 5 • What is the storyteller saying to us, and why?

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