Metallurgical Coatings and Thin Films 1991 by G.E. McGuire, D.C. McIntyre and Stefan Hofmann (Eds.)

By G.E. McGuire, D.C. McIntyre and Stefan Hofmann (Eds.)

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1. Brittle behavior Two elastic-plastic models have been developed to describe the erosion of a monolithic brittle solid. The erosion rate at normal impact eL depends on the veloc­ ity K, radius R, and density ζ of impacting particles and the toughness Kc and hardness H{ of the target material and is given by €L = V'R'X'KSHf (1) where ra, n, /, α and β are the exponent constants. 25, - 1 . 3 , - 0 . 2, - 1 . 11 predicted by Evans et al. [4] (dynamic) and Wiederhorn and Lawn [5] (quasistatic) models respectively.

The goal of this study was to evaluate the oxidation resistance of slurry aluminides on two titanium alloys now being developed for high temperature commercial applications. The alloy, 15-3-3-3 ( T i - 1 5 V - 3 C r - 3 A l 3Sn), was chosen as an example of β stabilized alloys. So called " s u p e r " a-2 titanium aluminide ( T i - 2 1 Al — 1 4 N b - 3 . 2 V - M o ) was selected to represent the class of Ti 3Al titanium aluminides which show promise for high temperature engine and airframe structures.

Finnie [1] and Bitter [2] showed that ductile and brittle erosion depend on mechanical and physical properties of impacting particles and the target material, particle velocity, and various functions of impact angle. Two elastic-plastic models have been developed to explain the erosion of a single-phase brittle solid at 90° impact. Evans et al. [4] assumed that a particle pene­ trated into a target without distortion, and that the contact pressure was equal to the dynamic pressure when the particle impacted the target surface.

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