Metallurgy Fundamentals Ferrous and Nonferrous by Daniel A. Brandt

By Daniel A. Brandt

Metallurgy basics offers the scholar with guide at the simple homes, features, and creation of the key steel households. transparent, concise language and various illustrations make this an easy-to-understand textual content for an introductory direction in metallurgy. Over 450 tables, diagrams, and images convey either the theoretical and sensible points of metallurgy.

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_+--__:_t--____j .............. J,----J -30 -20 -10 0 10 20 Dew point. °C 30 40 Fig. 4 Variation of carbon potential with dew point for an endothermic-based atmosphere containing 20% CO and 40% H 2 in contact with plain-carbon steel at various workpiece temperatures. 21----+--+---+--'-",~--__i - o 15 30 60 90 .. min Fig. 6 Decarburization as a function of holding time at different temperatures. Solid lines, samples with protective coating; dashed Iines, samples without protective coating.

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