Methodes Et Modeles En Statisque Non Parametrique: Expose by Philippe Caperaa

By Philippe Caperaa

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Although d’Aubigné was highly responsive to the political quandary of his time, the terms of human argument were not adequate for him to survey it. His concept of allegiance was indissolubly qualified by his acknowledgement of the deficiency of all human enterprise. D’Aubigné did not underestimate the distress and perplexity of the man who was both victim and instigator of the troubles of his time. This state of misery is developed fully in his psalm meditations, where the plight of his co-religionaries serves as illustration of man’s need of grace.

In this view, the events of the temporal world have no value in themselves, but by their very imperfection they could provide a reminder of the inadequacy of humanity and its propensity to sinfulness. D’Aubigné therefore left events to speak for themselves. However, in the appendix to the work, he stresses the importance of a change of focus. The reader must turn from a consideration of the havoc of earthly things, which his history has recounted, and contemplate the celestial, where he will find permanent values.

In all things there are two sorts of cause, some are interior and substantial to the thing itself. There are other causes, which are external and which are accidental. We deny, therefore, that our doctrine is the cause of the civil wars, in the second sense. Just as a man who has cleaned a fountain may not be said to have disturbed the fountain. However, the corruption and the intrinsic cause was in the filth there already. It was accidental that the man had to disturb the water in order to cleanse it….

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