Methods for Phase Diagram Determination by Ji-Cheng Zhao

By Ji-Cheng Zhao

Section diagrams are "maps" fabrics scientists frequently use to layout new fabrics. They outline what compounds and ideas are shaped and their respective compositions and quantities while a number of components are combined jointly lower than a definite temperature and strain. This monograph is the main finished reference e-book on experimental tools for part diagram selection. It covers quite a lot of equipment which have been used to figure out section diagrams of metals, ceramics, slags, and hydrides.

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19(b) by Mahdouk and Gachon [46]), and a diffusion multiple (Fig. 19(c) by Zhao et al. [47]). The diffusion-multiple result (Fig. 19(c)) is consistent with the powder-metallurgy result of Mahdouk and Gachon (Fig. 19(b)), and these findings together suggest that the C14-Laves phase is almost a ternary line-compound in the form of Nb(Cr,Al)2 with very little variation of Nb concentration and that the very wide (Nb variation) phase region of the C14-Laves reported by Hunt and Raman (Fig. 19(a)) is not real.

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