Midnight Lover (Bestseller Romance) by Charlotte Lamb

By Charlotte Lamb

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Why had they all lied to her? She could understand her mother suppressing the truth when Leonie was small, but why go on lying? She would never have found out the truth if she hadn't overheard the family solicitor talking to her stepfather—and even then, her stepfather's reaction had made it plain that he would have gone on lying if he could have convinced her. 'Hurry up, baby, we're ready to go,' Joe shouted, waving his arms towards her, and she started back towards him. She was a few feet away when they both heard the sound of an engine wheezing towards them.

Did she send you? ' Leonie caught back a little gasp. She paused, searching for the right words, and he turned to look at her. As their eyes met all her attempts to say it gently were lost and she blurted it out. ' He stopped in his tracks, stiffening. There was a long pause and the two men walking behind them caught up with them. Leonie felt Greg Thornton staring from her to her father, still trying to work out what was going on; why didn't he mind his own business? She was so absorbed in feeling her father's obvious shock that she glared at the other man, wishing he would walk on, wishing he wouldn't keep looking at her father as he fought with whatever emotions were keeping him silent.

His fingers tightened and she gave a faint gasp.

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