Mohini Vidya Sadhana and Siddhi: Hindu way to Hidden Powers by A. L Bhagwat

By A. L Bhagwat

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Keep your left arm close to the body and spread the right one at an angle of about 90 to the body. Now close your eyes and intently think that your right arm is slowly being lifted from the ground and the palm will gradually drop on your breast. After a few minutes your right arm will really be lifted slowly and the palm will drop on your breast. However, yon are not to make any effort consciously to lift the arm. It is a suggestion given to your subconscious mind. Your powerful and concentrated thought has reached the subconscious mind, and it is the nature of that mind to act according to the directions given by your powerful and one-pointed conscious mind.

Development of psychic power greatly depends on the strength of mind of each individual. With these preliminary remarks I shall deal fully with the six siddhis one by one. (1) Thought Reading This is a small Siddhi of knowing the thoughts in the minds of other persons. This siddhi is developed by a long practice of gazing on a small black spot. For its success mind must become fully thoughtless. A thoughtless mind is just like a clean mirror. As any object brought before a clean mirror is reflected in it, so also the thoughts in the minds of other persons are reflected in the thoughtless mind of the sadhaka.

After this, I light joss sticks and a ghee lamp and offer a plate of sweets to the deity. This is all the creation of my mind. Then I prostrate before the deity with folded hands and complete the worship. This mental worship takes about 10 minutes. I do this every night just before going to bed. The readers may make any variation or change in this sadhana according to their liking. They may choose their own deity which they love intensely. It i s my experience that i f t h i s sadhana is practised with pranayam, the results are quick and astounding.

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