Movers and Makers: Movers and Makers How Animals Build and by Robin Koontz

By Robin Koontz

This sequence explains the behaviors, variations, and features of numerous life-forms in several environments.

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Corals are 38 A colorfu l coral reef is a sign of a healthy o cean. collections of hundreds or even thousands of tiny animals called coral polyps. A polyp lives inside a shell made of a hard material. Coral polyps join together to form different shapes, like fingers, branches, boulders, and mushrooms. Coral reefs start to form when the creatures attach themselves to rocks or other hard surfaces in shallow water. Most coral polyps don’t move once they fasten themselves. They catch food that floats by using tentacles and stingers.

A beaver piles up mounds of mud and muck close to the water. Then it spreads a bit of beaver stink, called castor, on the mound. This is a message 40 to other beavers to back off. If a castor mound is close to another beaver’s territory, that beaver might pack on more mud and spread its own special stink on the mound. So there! Some castor mounds grow to be huge if several beavers are arguing over territory. The next step is to gather brush and place it on just the right spot in the stream or river.

Then the beavers can swim to the food and float their bounty back home. Beavers stay busy throughout the spring, summer, and fall. Winter is a time for hanging out with the family, eating, and taking naps in their cozy lodge. Many members of the animal world have figured out amazing ways to construct a safe haven, snag a meal, and make use of protected food storage. Many animals have come up with extraordinary ways to use whatever is at hand as tools and building materials. Their clever methods help them to survive.

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