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78 per cent. There is a coefficient of correlation quantifying exactly (his sort of correlation: Asymmetric lambda (A,) assesses the percentage of error reduction in predicting the dependent variable (here: choice of construction) once we know the value of the Table 2:3 Partial results of Peters (1999): Absolute frequencies and column percentages Consiruction0 Construction! 78%) 397 (100%) REVIEW OF EITERATURE 29 independent variable (here: givenness status), and in our case it is obviously 0. 21 Finally, the treatment of cognitive entrenchment in terms of the entrenchment hierarchy proposed by Ueane (1992) and applied to particle placement by Grics (1999) also calls for critical comment.

Hence, it should also be investigated (i) whether such differences also exist for particle placement and/or (ii) whether the impact of variables may differ depending on the register. The following chapter will present the main objectives of this study, most of which derive naturally from the critical comments discussed in the preceding two sections. 2, this chapter will frequently make use of minimal pairs of sentences in order to exemplify the effect variables have on particle placement. Therefore, the present treatment relies on many judgements (taken over from the literature) as 10 the naturalness of these sentences.

Finally, Arnold and Wasow (1996) have postulated that production and planning effects also have an effect on particle placement: the more difficult the noun phrase is to produce,15 the more frequently construction,, is chosen; the less difficult the noun phrase is to produce, the more frequently construction, is chosen. This hypothesis was empirically supported in a production experiment, and a logistic regression showed that both the length of the direct object noun phrase and the number of disfluencies have a significant effect on the choice of construction.

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