Multiphoton Lonization of Atoms by S. L. Chin

By S. L. Chin

Multiphoton lonization of Atoms offers a pedagogical evaluate of the entire subfield of multiphoton ionization of atoms.

This ebook discusses the “normal” multiphoton ionization of atoms; calculation of resonant multiphoton tactics; and angular distribution of photoelectrons and lightweight polarization results in multiphoton ionization of atoms. The multiphoton ionization regarding continuum-continuum transitions; production of doubly charged strontium ions; and many-electron methods in nonlinear ionization of atoms also are elaborated.

Other issues contain the non-resonant multiphoton ionization of atoms; above-threshold ionization conception; autoionizing states in multiphoton transitions; and particular gains of the spectra of alkaline-earth atoms.

This book is helpful to physics scholars and researchers engaging in paintings at the a number of ionization of atoms.

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G r a n n e m a n , Ε . , a n d V a n der Wiel, M . ( 1 9 7 5 ) . J . Phys. Β 8, 1 6 1 7 . , D e l o n e , G , a n d P e t r o s y a n , K . ( 1 9 7 5 ) . Sov. J . Plasma Held, B . , M a n u s , C , a n d M o r e l l e c , J . ( 1 9 7 2 ) . Phys. K e l d y s h , L . ( 1 9 6 5 ) . Sov. Phys. JETP (Engl. Transi) Phys. (Engl. Rev. Lett. Transi) 20, 1307. K i e w e r , M . , Beerlage, M . , G r a n n e m a n , Ε . , a n d V a n d e r W i e l , M . ( 1 9 7 7 ) . J . Phys. K n i g h t , P . ( 1 9 7 7 ) .

The comparison of the experimental results with calculations (Teague et al, 1976; Lambropoulos and Teague, 1976; Declemy et al, 1981; Aymar and Crance, 1982) is shown in Fig. 18. This figure demonstrates that the model potential theory [curves C (Teague et al, 1976) and D (Aymar and Crance, 1982)] gives much more accurate results than the quantum defect theory [curves A (Lambropoulos and Teague, 1976) and Β (Declemy et al, 1981)]. This is because the first Ρ levels give the main contribution to σ 2 at the minimum, while the quantum defect method gives matrix elements of poor accuracy for the first Ρ levels.

Ea + Δ α α(7) ~ Ec + Acc(7), they can be approximated by hyperbolas whose asymptotes are Ea + Aaa(I) and Ec + ACC(I), the shifts Aaa and Acc being roughly linear in intensity. For this reason, one says that the level shows an anticrossing. 2 2 + The situation is quite different if |1RÛC| > ^ Γ . In this case E = E~ and one is faced with a level crossing. Such a phenomenon is illustrated in 48 Y . G O N T I E R A N D M. 10 2 10 2 I (W/cm ) (a) Fig. I (W/cm ) (b) 2. E n e r g y o f the dressed a t o m as a function o f the intensity for (a) a s e c o n d - o r d e r r e s o n a n c e o n the 9 D 3 2/ level in 3 - p h o t o n ionization a n d (b) a t h i r d - o r d e r r e s o n a n c e o n the 6 F 5 2/ level in a 4 - p h o t o n ionization o f C s .

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