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During this enlightening and hugely lucrative hardcover textual content, David L. Goodstein, Professor of Physics and utilized Physics on the California Institute of know-how, bargains severe scholars a miles wanted "overview of the examine of subject, and a sense for these thoughts which are utilized with kind of luck in all of the numerous fields" of technology.

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This assortment gains yarns from elsebeth lavold's clothier line. the designs are encouraged through constructions and styles present in nature. there are nearly sixteen designs for males, ladies and youngsters. either sweaters and components are integrated.

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9. 33, while the density of drops rather stead- increases. 18), and beyond Saturn. 27 The reason may be found tion. in a theory of planet forma- The four inner planets, plus Jupiter and likely formed from a great solar cloud. The Saturn, very largest part of that cloud became the Sun. Small amounts of leftover dense material became the inner planets, and less dense matter nearer the outer edge of the cloud became Jupiter and Saturn. Matter from that same cloud probably made up part of Uranus and Neptune as well.

The lower left of the satellite is The a bulge slight mountain that is at the about 4 miles high. TITANIA, which is a bit closer to Uranus, is also crater covered. But as you can see, there are long streaks on the surface. These are deep valleys hundreds of miles long and 45 miles wide. They may have been produced satellite as the cooled and contracted, or glancing collisions with huge masses may have gouged them ARIEL and UMBRIEL are nearly the same out. size, and their orbits are quite close together.

As Voyager left Uranus and headed toward Neptune, and it looked back took this picture of the planet some miles 600,000 away. The soft blue- green at the edge fades into white, caused by haze in the upper atmosphere. u the Widest. Uranus can he identified. The top nng of the eleven ring, of then a pan of rings. At the Beneath that is a g rou P of three, tn the computer colored bands were produced another group of three. The faintly and enhanced. while the photo was assembled Nh* ^ Antennas 210 feet across located in California, and Australia picked up the weak signals sent out by Voyager 2 Spain, over a distance of nearly two billion miles.

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